Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Release 9003

This release adds a "connect" screen, hopefully making it clear where you enter your username before connecting. As with all releases, this one invalidates all previous versions, so even if you have 9002, you'll have to install 9003 in order to play.


Saturday, May 26, 2007



Here are a few screenshots:

They show a couple of red enemy teapots, a friendly captured flag, and a teapot about to get sniped from long distance via the zoom scope.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Release 9002

Ballistic Darjeeling's first development release is version 9002. It can be downloaded from here. Quick instructions:
Type a username in the upper right box and click Connect. If you are successful, the button changes to Disconnect. The tall box will list all the players currently online.

If there is a game currently going on, it will be listed in the combo box at right (near the down-pointing arrow) -- click "Join Game" to join it and start playing. Otherwise, type a game name and hit the Create Game button, and hit "Start Game" to start it up.

Once in the game, use the WASD keys to drive your teapot, use the mouse to look around, and use the space bar to fire. You can zoom your view with the mouse wheel. Capture flags by sitting next to them. Flags get money for your team. Hit T to use your money to buy a better teapot. To chat, hit return. Quit back to the lobby with Q, or quit to Windows with ESC.
Please leave feedback in the comments section.


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